Windows 11 is the upcoming versions of Windows and it may be available on October 2021. Microsoft announced the next Windows and named as Windows 11. Windows 11 comes up with more features and complete new look from the previous versions.

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In this article, we will see top 5 new features of Windows 11.

1. A new interface

Clean design with rounded corners like Mac interface. The start menu and Taskbar moved to the center of the window.

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2. Android apps on Windows 11

On Windows 10 and previous versions, Android apps can be used by installing an emulator like Bluestacks. On Windows 11, Android apps will be available by default. Please note the Android apps will not be available on first version of Windows 11.

3. Desktop Widgets

New personalized desktop widgets will be available on Windows 11. It is also available on recent Windows 10 update. Access widgets directly from the Taskbar and personalize them to see whatever you’d like.

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4. Virtual desktops

Now you can set up virtual desktops in a way similar to Mac OS. You can toggle between the screens of your choice. Also you can change the wallpaper for each screen.

5. Microsoft Teams

On Windows 11, Chat from Microsoft Teams is integrated into the taskbar. You can text, chat, voice or video with anyone, anywhere. It is also available on other platforms.

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