There are always gadgets that have been introduced into the market. Most of them are very useful for Entertainment and most of them could save us from difficult situations.

Life-saving gadgets you should own

In this article, we will see the top 5 life-saving gadgets that could save you from losing something.

1. Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet

Parliament Smart is a Wallet made from Ekster with high-quality leather, perfect for Card storage and slim in design. It can hold up to 12+ cards but is recommended to 9 and the important feature of this wallet is to protect against identity theft.

It has a Quick card access mechanism and you can eject cards from its aluminum storage pocket with the press of a button. It is available in various colors like Classic Brown, Nappa Black, Roma Cognac, Juniper Green, Merlot Red, and Steel Blue.

2. Rocketbook Core

A digital age book that has a classic look for reusable. Rocketbook comes with 1 Pilot FriXion pen and 1 microfiber towel which can be used for erasing and reuse.

This comes in two sizes Letter and Executive with Dot Grid and Lined Page Layout. Also, it has all in different colors that could fit your attraction.

3. Resqme Car Escape tool

Speed Kills. Even if you cautious on road, can’t expect others to follow the same. Resqme Car Excape Tool gives the solution for some kind of emergencies. This  trademarked and patented tool helps when you are stuck on the car when accident happens.

It’s very simple to use. Just follow the 3 steps

  • Pull out from bracket.
  • Cut Seatbelt with blade.
  • Break window with steel spike.

4. BioLite CampStove

Buy 1 get 2 benefits. A 2.06 lbs (33 oz) weighing campstove which turns fire into electricity can be used for firing and charging at the same time. It is very useful during an emergency.

20 minutes of charging gives around 60 minutes of power. This cool gadgets uses twigs, pinecone, wood pellets as fuel. You can Boil, steep, cook, and grill with CampStove Complete Cook Kit.

BioLite comprises of CampStove, stuff sack, instructions manual, USB cord and fire-lighter.

5. AdhereTech smart pill bottle

In the busiest life, many people forget to take the medicines regularly. But for serious heath condition patients it will be a big problem. For the patients who is in need of taking medicines regularly, Adheretech introduced a pill bottle which has built-in sensor can able to track the amount of medication left inside it and send data to both patients and doctors.

It will send a text message or a phone call who forget to take the medicine.

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