October 5, 2022

How to create a Zoom Meeting Link with Zoom API using Asp.net C# and VB

How to create a Zoom Meeting Link with Zoom API using Asp.net C# and VB

Here I will explain you step by step on how to create a Zoom Meeting Link with Zoom API using Asp.net C# and VB.

Create Zoom App to get API Key and Secret

To get Zoom API, we need to create an Account on Zoom Marketplace. Click this link to create one.

Zoom Marketplace

Once you created the Zoom account. Go to the Build App page and select the JWT to generate your API Key & Secret.

By using JWT, you don’t need a user authorization and it supports server to server integration.

zoom JWT- techussain
Zoom JWT

You can see the detailed documentation about JWT through this link.

Also see on How to create a Zoom Meeting Link with Zoom API using Asp.net Core Razor Page

Now create an Asp.net web Application on Visual Studio and name it as ZoomAPI.

Create Asp.net web Application- techussain
Asp.net web Application

Now right click ZoomAPI from Solution Explorer add a new Web Form and name it as Create.aspx.

New C# webform- techussain
New Web Form

Add the code below on Create.aspx

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
   <head runat="server">
      <form id="form1" runat="server">
            <h2>Host URL</h2>
            <asp:Label ID="Host" runat="server" Text="Link"></asp:Label>
            <h2>Join URL</h2>
            <asp:Label ID="Join" runat="server" Text="Link"></asp:Label>
            <h2>Response Code</h2>
            <asp:Label ID="Code" runat="server" Text="Code"></asp:Label>
            <br />
            <br />
            <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Create" OnClick="Button1_Click" />

NuGet Packages needed to run the application.


To install NuGet Packages, right click ZoomAPI from the solution Explorer and install the packages.

Add NuGet Packages

Now open the Code Behind and add the code.

Open Code Behind

Required Namespaces

using Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens;
using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq;
using RestSharp;
using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Text;
Imports Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens
Imports Newtonsoft.Json.Linq
Imports RestSharp
Imports System
Imports System.Net
Imports System.Text

Now declare the variables

var tokenHandler = new System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt.JwtSecurityTokenHandler();
var now = DateTime.UtcNow;
var apiSecret = "Your API secret";
byte[] symmetricKey = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(apiSecret);
Dim tokenHandler = New System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt.JwtSecurityTokenHandler()
Dim now = DateTime.UtcNow
Dim apiSecret = "Your API secret"
Dim symmetricKey As Byte() = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(apiSecret)

Create the Token Descriptor and change it to Token String for the Authorization Header

var tokenDescriptor = new SecurityTokenDescriptor
Issuer = "Your API Key",
Expires = now.AddSeconds(300),
SigningCredentials = new SigningCredentials(new SymmetricSecurityKey(symmetricKey), SecurityAlgorithms.HmacSha256),
var token = tokenHandler.CreateToken(tokenDescriptor);
var tokenString = tokenHandler.WriteToken(token);
Dim tokenDescriptor = New SecurityTokenDescriptor With {
.Issuer = "Your API Key",
.Expires = now.AddSeconds(300),
.SigningCredentials = New SigningCredentials(New SymmetricSecurityKey(symmetricKey), SecurityAlgorithms.HmacSha256)
Dim token = tokenHandler.CreateToken(tokenDescriptor)
Dim tokenString = tokenHandler.WriteToken(token)

Create Request

Now use the code for the Request

var client = new RestClient("https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{userid}/meetings");
var request = new RestRequest(Method.POST);
request.RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json;
request.AddJsonBody(new { topic = "Meeting with Ussain", duration = "10", start_time = "2021-03-20T05:00:00", type = "2" });
request.AddHeader("authorization", String.Format("Bearer {0}", tokenString));
Dim client = New RestClient("https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{userid}/meetings")
Dim request = New RestRequest(Method.POST)
request.RequestFormat = DataFormat.Json
request.AddJsonBody(New With {Key
.topic = "Meeting with Ussain", Key
.duration = "10", Key
.start_time = "2021-03-20T05:00:00", Key
.type = "2"
request.AddHeader("authorization", String.Format("Bearer {0}", tokenString))

{userid}: you can use your Zoom Username.

topic: Topic for the meeting

duration: Duration of the meeting

start_time: Set the start time for the meeting

type: We use 2 for Scheduled meeting

For more objects like above please refer this link

Here we use DataFormat.Json for format as we created JWT.

Get Response

Now use the code to get the Response

IRestResponse restResponse = client.Execute(request);
HttpStatusCode statusCode = restResponse.StatusCode;
int numericStatusCode = (int)statusCode;
var jObject = JObject.Parse(restResponse.Content);
Host.Text = (string)jObject["start_url"];
Join.Text = (string)jObject["join_url"];
Code.Text = Convert.ToString(numericStatusCode);
Dim restResponse As IRestResponse = client.Execute(request)
Dim statusCode As HttpStatusCode = restResponse.StatusCode
Dim numericStatusCode As Integer = CInt(statusCode)
DDim restResponse As IRestResponse = client.Execute(request)
    Dim statusCode As HttpStatusCode = restResponse.StatusCode
    Dim numericStatusCode As Integer = CInt(statusCode)
    Dim jObject = JObject.Parse(restResponse.Content)
    Host.Text = CStr(jObject("start_url"))
    Join.Text = CStr(jObject("join_url"))
    Code.Text = Convert.ToString(numericStatusCode)

That’s it.

Run the App

Now you can generate the link.


Create the Zoom Meeting Link

Create the Zoom Meeting Link


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  • How to authenticate above user to start meeting ahead by using sdk or api? Any reference to authenticate not by using login credentials of zoom for the user but any other method to authenticate and start meeting as host?

    • To create a meeting link only you need authorization. Using the host URL anyone can start the meeting. They don’t need to logged in

  • Hi, I tried your example as is (with my api key and secret and userid), but I am getting an error on the JObject.Parse and the response has the error message – {“Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.”} – do you know how I can get around it or what would cause that?

  • So, in this case, there are some possibilities.
    1. Use the email without any special characters like “.”
    2. Check Event Subscriptions from Feature section on zoom developer panel
    In most cases, JObject.Parse error comes because the Token Generated is wrong. So you need to check the configuration on Zoom

  • Thanks Ussain this information was most helpful.

    I just wanted to add one extra bit of code not mentioned, in c#
    ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;

    In my case, after following all instructions and creating a GET to Zooms List Meeting endpoint e.g. /users/me/meetings?page_size=30 still produced this error message:
    “The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.”

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